Chronicles of Bronze

Clasp Part 1

The group awoke that morning to find Yosephine and Leopoldi missing. According to the innkeeper, Branka, they had awoken early in the morning to go off for “training or some such.” Airest sat down at the table next to a few new faces, a troglodyte and a human monk. Natural conversation started and the monk informs the two that he is in search of the great wyrm’s resting spot, in hopes of reaching the giant crystals first to use them for the forces of good, or to destroy them so that evil cannot utilize their powers. The monk also says he has a map of the island that dates back several centuries when the last of the inner island’s villages fell to the environs. The monk, who calls himself Jiggo, informs the interested pair that he will only reveal the map to them if they agree to help him in his quest for the big crystals. During this exchange, Thorn had gone off to Bowden’s shack to pick up the equipment Bowden had made for Thorn and Airest. Thorn then made for Paelias’ Storefront arriving to find it empty and locked. Picking up the Alchemist’s scent, Thorn followed the trail to the inn in which his group normally spent their nights. During his excursion, Paelias had made for the inn and had sat down with the group and asked for help over an ale. As Thorn entered, Paelias motioned for the gnoll to join them as Thorn tossed Airest her boots. According to Paelias, the prior owner of the shop Paelias had taken residence in was a sorcerer that was none too happy to have lost his store to a nut-job like Paelias and had sent his familiar to take away the most important item Paelias possessed. His clasp that he used to keep his robe on to conceal his armor and potions was the item stolen. As he explained the situation to the group, Paelias also let mention that the reason it was so valuable was the fact that the clasp was the key for his innumerable pockets on his armor which held all of his potions, ingredients and supplies. Without the key next to his person, the magic was starting to fail and he had at most a day and a half to last before all the extra dimensions in which his items were carried imploded on themselves. The group agreed under the condition that any potions they had made through Paelias would yield the group the full amount of draughts he would normally make. Paelias agreed and then showed the group a picture of the familiar that had stolen his clasp. Airest recognized the creature as a pseudo-dragon and knew a great deal about the creatures, sharing the information she knew with her comrades. The group then set out to follow the creature, heading to the north side of town and intent on making it to the forest. As they hit the edge of town and stepped onto the sandy beach, they noticed a small reddish-brown dragon perched on top of a grave marker, chirping happily with a shiny object clutched in one of it’s fore claws. Airest, knowing the penchant for shiny objects the creature’s possess, removed a gem from her backpack and threw it halfway between her and the pseudo-dragon. The dragon ignored her, instead chirping as it watched the group. Thorn stepped forward to try and ‘talk’ to the dragon. As he ran forward to get it, the dragon flew off to the treeline and perched on a branch before turning around to watch the group again as it chirped. The gnoll motioned for the troglodyte to move around to the other side of the forest and sneak up on the creature from within the forest. Thorn continued to try and talk at the dragon while the troglodyte continued to edge to the forest edge slowly a few hundred feet away from the dragon. The pseudo-dragon ignored Thorn, choosing instead to chirp as it rocks its head back and forth as it watched the party and the troglodyte moving away from the party towards the treeline. The monk got fed up with the gnoll and told the gnoll to knock off the ceaseless yammering that was clearly not getting through to the dragon. The gnoll ignored the monk and the monk challenged Thorn to a fight. Thorn rolled his eyes at Jiggo as Deus the troglodyte was making it to the forest line. At this point, the pseudo-dragon shook his body lightly, its skin changing color to match the branches and it fluttered off to the north into the trees, chirping as it moved. The group, Jiggo leading, sprinted after the critter. The group made it to a now incredibly familiar pile of corpses and searched around for the little pest. Thorn noticed it fluttering back and forth in front of a cave entrance but kept quiet about it as he watched the rest of the group look around aimlessly for something so obvious. Jiggo started to move around the pile, coincidentally in the same direction the dragon was until the monk chanced to look up and see the dragon. At the moment the dragon knew Jiggo was looking, the pseudo-dragon flew into the cave chirping all the while. Utilizing Deus’ perfect vision in darkness, they sent him to the front of the line and the rest followed as they entered the cave. Deus proceeds into the cave and stops shortly inside the entrance, calling to the others. As the rest of the group comes up behind the troglodyte, the torch illuminates the cave such that the group recognizes it as a series of old lava tubes and the first room they have entered splits into three directions. Deus can see that the right path is just a dead end from where the group stands and Airest can hear the pseudo-dragon’s chirping down the middle path. The group heads down the middle path and Deus finds himself walking past a still brackish pool on the right side of the cave path. The troglodyte eases into the water and dives down to explore, noticing luminescent plants and a fairly large clam. Poking his head back above the water, he lets the group know of the clams and plants. The group discusses briefly and requests that Deus retrieve the clam for the group to examine. Deus dives back in and forces the clam open underwater, exposing a very large pearl. Passing the pearl onto the rest of the group, Deus proceeds down one of the underwater paths. It opens up into another chamber with two more underwater tunnels and two above ground hallways. One of the above ground paths has a reddish glow about it and steam pours out of it. The troglodyte reports this back to the group and the group decides to all go and check it out. Breaking out a sunrod and ditching the torches, they all follow the troglodyte through the water towards the glow. They move down the hallway towards the red glow, coming again upon another brackish pool, this time on their left. Deus jumps in and looks around, quickly locating another clam that he fails to open. Upon request, Thorn jumps in to the water with his sunrod and smashes the clam open, finding two small pearls nestled inside. The group after this point continues towards the red steam. The hallway opens up to a chamber that proves impassable, a flow of lava meeting a deep pool is what was causing the glow and steam and causes the group to head the other way. Swimming straight across the pool to the other above ground hallway they find themselves walking around a sort of canyon with a ledge containing stalagmites and stalactites up above and to their right. Thorn motions the entire group to stop and quiet as he smells rotting meat coming from above them. Motioning the troglodyte to examine the ledge from the group with his superior vision, Deus sees something poking out between some of the stalactites. Thorn attempts to use a butcher’s lure in the sound of an injured bat but instead says the phrase, “I am a bat,” much to the chagrin of the group. The monk at this point hides, Thorn throws the sunrod a few feet down the tunnel and the whole group readies their weapons as the troglodyte finds himself being quashed under the creature that just dislodged itself from the ceiling. Thorn is the first to the aid of the troglodyte, making deep slashes into the side of the beast with his axes as another falls behind him and makes for the cleric. Jiggo reveals himself and tries to hit the one on top of Deus, but doesn’t hit hard enough and gets paralyzed by the creature. The creature on top of the troglodyte turns around and paralyzes the gnoll that hit it so well about the time that Airest is being knocked out by the one she faces. Jiggo manages to recover from the paralysis and stabilize the cleric as Thorn finishes the two off after recovering himself too. The group takes a quick breather as the troglodyte vanishes into the darkness. The group then moves down the path a little more to find the pseudo-dragon perched on a rock at the far end of the chamber, chirping at the group. The group moves towards the little critter and it takes off and flies through a shaft in the ceiling, chittering and chirping happily the whole way, leaving something shiny where it had perched. The group moves in and finds the clasp and also finds that they are unable to touch it directly. Airest puts her boots on her hands and drops it into Thorn’s pack and the group makes for the city. The group espies a vasuthant as they make it to the entrance of the cave and decides to just run for the city knowing how slow the creatures are. Making it to the city, the group makes straight for Paelias’ shop. Upon arrival, Paelias looks at the clasp and immediately declares that “this isn’t my clasp.” The group mildly confused asked how he knew that, to which Paelias replied, “This clasp has a red gem set in the middle, mine had a green gem set in the spot.” Coating his hands in a special ooze-like substance, Paelias took the clasp and looked it over. He explained to the group that it was likely of the sorcerer’s creation and that pressing the gem in the center was how it activated. Paelias also informed them that they should not press the gem as something terrible would happen, though Paelias could not tell what exactly would happen. Carefully placing it back into Thorn’s pack, Paelias also let the group know that he only had till about mid-afternoon the next day before his magick’s expired and he lost all of his goods and equipment in his pouches. The group acknowledged the timeline ahead of them and turned in for the night.



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