Chronicles of Bronze

The Beginning

The adventurer Airest Silverfire and her Gnoll bodyguard Thorn have arrived in the port capital of Malteton. After finding a local tavern and ordering up some ale and food they are approached by a man smelling of fish (Boyd). He asks them if they are adventurers based on the appearance of a half-elf nymph dining with a gnoll. After their response, he asks them to help his ill brother (Bowden) recover the remains of his recently deceased wife. Upon agreement, he takes the pair to the shack owned by his brother where they find him stretched out on a cot. He fell ill when his wife had died and had just started to recover when he learned that creatures had dug her up and dragged her corpse off, the stress causing a relapse into his illness. He and his brother offered small coin and their assistance in professions, fishing and hunting, if the pair could recover the corpse so it could return to rest. The gnoll asked for a large rotten fish of the fishing brother whom rushed off to find one in the fishing wharfs. The fisherman returned with a 4 foot shark that had been caught 2 days prior and was set to be used as bait in crab and lobster cages. The gnoll picked it up and the pair followed the fisherman to the north side of town where the graveyard sat. The gnoll dropped the fish into the plot that had been the resting spot of the fisherman’s sister-in-law. The pair then hid along the building line and waited for nightfall. At sunset, the pair could see a group of three carcass eaters patrolling the tree line as they waited for the sun to completely disappear. After a short wait, the creatures slowly made their way to the graveyard and started fighting over rights to the shark. When a winner was declared, they started dragging the fish back to the treeline and the pair started to quietly follow them. One of the carcass eaters in the back heard the half-elf and the gnoll used a ghost sound to make the half-elf sound like a dying rabbit so as to entice the carcass eater. As it charged toward the pair it spotted the gnoll and howled for the other vanguard eater to join a fight for an injured rabbit. As the gnoll and eaters closed, the half-elf sprang into action. Several rounds later, the pair found themselves slowly creeping along the dragline in the sand following where the fish was headed. The gnoll slowly crept ahead while the half-elf hung around the treeline. The gnoll heard plenty and eventually got the attention of the eater that had dragged the fish to the lair and the gnoll ambushed the eater as it ran passed the gnoll. The gnoll signaled the half-elf to join the battle and they both tore through this third eater. On its death, it signaled a fourth, the alpha, who charged through the brush and was promptly dispatched by the pair. As it died, it howled a horrible howl and all creatures within earshot ran in fear. The pair followed the tracks of the alpha back to its lair and found the fish and the wife’s corpse in a pile of bones. They carried the corpse and dragged the alpha and other eater out of the woods, depositing the eater by the other two and dragging the alpha with the corpse back into town. They were greeted by the fisherman who had been waiting just inside the building line and were given a handcart to go collect the other eaters to take to the hunter in hopes he would be able to find something useful to turn them into. They took the handcart through town to the hunter’s house and left it outside as they talked with the hunter and fisherman. Both offered their thanks and handed them the small coin and directed them to an inn where they could rest for the night.



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