Male dwarf of average height with brown eyes, an auburn beard and shiny bald head upon which sits a bright green tricorn adorned with a blue peacock feather set. Aside from otherwise normal dress, not much to look at with no visible weapons or armors. When beset in a fight he is likely to hide behind someone bigger than him and hope for the best.


Curious, eccentric, and crazy would just about be the three best words to describe him. He is married to the kind-hearted Branka, who he truly loves and cares for, and helps out in the inn when she needs the help and it suits him. For the most part, likes to take strolls along the tree line and beaches looking for his favorite fruit, a purple banana that some locals call a makmai (bastardization of the original “maku’e mai’a” most of the locals still call them purple bananas).


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