A female dwarf of average height, brown hair and hazel eyes with surprisingly white skin, especially for a dwarf. Carries no visible weapons or armor but doesn’t seem to worried about it, likely due to the patrons being generally quite close to Branka in that they would likely protect her in the event of a brawl.


Wife of Kendall and the owner, in all senses of the word, of the Halberd, an inn and tavern found in the market quarter in Malteton. Recruited a group of adventurers whom had been staying in the inn to find her absent-minded husband who had strayed off for much longer than usual. When the group returned with her husband and she found out what the group had endured on his behalf, she agreed to house them in her inn for as long as they cared to stay. Friends with many of the townspeople and is particularly familiar with Bowden, Boyd, Crowley and Dee.


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