Paelias the Alchemist


A loud obnoxious Eladrin male of slightly below average height and weight who touts himself as a great Alchemist. Blue eyes, clean-shaven and silver hair are key characteristics of Paelias. Aged beyond normal for his race, possibly unwanted side-effects of draughts he has either tested or quaffs constantly, he is surprisingly able in combat, jumping farther than an acrobat of any age without the aid of a trampoline, running fast as a sprinter at full pelt without tiring, a dead-eye with a crossbow, and sporting an interesting black and silver studded leather armor covered in pouches, pockets and packs. A robe covers his armor from unwanted eyes and is lined with vials of varying alchemical fire, frost and acid.

His leather armor has a key to get into the alternate dimensions each pocket is tied to, meaning his armor has bags of holding sewn into it in several spots that are all locked unless he wants them opened. His key is an elven cloak clasp, silver leaf-flame set with a green gem in the middle. So long as the key is within a certain distance of Paelias, he is able to use his pockets, but if he is separated from the key for longer than 36 hours, his pockets will implode on themselves, destroying all that is inside them and never opening again.

Paelias has a habit of regularly summoning a construct to wander the streets advertising his store for him, and though he hasn’t used one in battle, it could likely be a formidable foe, or at least a distraction.


A new merchant in town that had to prove himself to acquire a shop on the front row. After failing to truly prove himself, the leader of the deadliest gang in town paid him a visit and set him up with a shop, ousting its former owner, a sorcerer that most of the denizens admired.

His alchemy takes a particularly specialized form; shampoos. Each one adds a substantial boost to how good the user looks and smells, as well as another effect that is unique to each line of shampoo. Shampoos for invisibility, strength, incredible sight, and any other imaginable side effect one would normally experience with the use of a potion can be found in a shampoo sold by Paelias.

Has granted an adventurer the use of a small sack that carries a large supply of varied vials, phials, and jars for collection purposes.

Paelias the Alchemist

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