Chronicles of Bronze


The party awoke to the coughing fits of Airest, the group’s cleric. The doctor who had been summoned by the kind innkeeper told the group that the illness was not life-threatening, but would take many days to totally recover from it unless she was given a special draught of medicine. The doctor had all but one ingredient in stock and told the gnoll bodyguard and the druid what plant was needed to finish the medicine. Both of them recognized the plant he was describing, Green Amaranth he called it, and the doctor circled on their maps where the last known locations of the weed was. Both the gnoll and the druid recognized the farthest area as the spot where they had found Kendall and Thorn recognized the other area as the spot where he and the cleric had fought the corpse eaters. The doctor packed up and went downstairs for breakfast, leaving Yosephine and Thorn to decide their courses of action. Yosephine decided to make for the nearest location that might have the plant, the mound of corpses while Thorn decided to wait with Leopoldi by the cleric’s side. As soon as Yosephine was a few minutes gone, Thorn made his way to the market place with his own personal agenda to attend to. Yosephine made it without incident to the treeline and then stumbled through the forest, barely able to keep her feet from stepping on twigs as she walked. When she entered the clearing where the bodies lay, she noticed a hulking creature standing at the edge of the mound staring at her. She looked the creature over and recognized it as a dire armadillo and knew that it would not attack her unless she gave it reason. Doing her best to not give it one, she edged around the corpse pile to look on the far side of the clearing for the plant. As the armadillo decided to ignore her it started to root around the corpses, turning bodies over looking for something. Yosephine paused in her search to watch the armadillo as it turned over a corpse then pounced a cockroach trying to scuttle away before flipping another corpse and making a feast of a 3 foot long maggot. Slightly disgusted at the apparent feast of the armadillo, Yosephine noticed the entire pile was slightly pulsing with motion and also noticed that the armadillo had just uncovered a bit of metal that looked valuable even from this distance. Being careful to not disturb the hungry armadillo rooting around for treats, the druid carefully leaned over to pick up the object that she found out to be a Heavy Steel Shield of Dwarven craftsmanship. As she slung the treasure over her shoulder, 2 hulking maggots rose out of the mound to confront her, as if to try and deny her the find. Instead of directly confronting these tooth-filled horrors, she got the attention of the armadillo and got it to spot the maggots, at about the same time they reached Yosephine. The first bite got the druid square in the thigh and the paralytic saliva took effect immediately, dropping the druid to the ground. The armadillo at this point had tucked into a ball and slammed into the larger of the two morsels and was proceeding to stomp on it till it stopped moving. Recovering from the paralysis, Yosephine drew her scimitar and started hacking at the maggot facing her, striking many cuts along the creature’s length but needing the aid of the armadillo to bring it down finally. As the armadillo stomped the last time before starting to eat the flattened meals, two shiny objects were kicked up from the corpse pile, a wand of impressive value and a mostly clean suit of splintmail. Collecting these and leaving the armadillo to its meal, she searched for the plant and found it very quickly, harvested it and made for the town again. Reaching the inn and passing the plant to the doctor, she noticed that Thorn was missing and decided to get some tea to pass the time while the cleric came too. Meanwhile, Thorn had made his way to the market place and used the card to find Paeleus, now set up in a front row shop as a gift from the leader of the Skins as Thorn found out. After asking many questions about the inner workings of the underground and the gangs of the city and getting little more than a promise to pass on the message if he got the chance, Thorn asked for a shampoo that would allow him to see magically hidden objects. Upon seeing Thorn’s reaction to the price, Paeleus offered an alternative, bringing one ingredient would cut the cost in half, two to a quarter of the price and bringing all three ingredients would make the item free. Thorn was very interested in that and Paeleus wrote down the ingredients on a piece of parchment for Thorn, gave him a magical pouch that held many different empty phials, and went back to selling his wares. Thorn made for the inn, arriving about the time Yosephine was espying the armadillo and confronted Kendall, asking Kendall about slaves and where to find them in Malteton. Kendall said he had no idea that there were any in the area and then brought up a curiosity that he had stumbled across in his wanderings along the tree line for fruits, that well out of sight of the city, there were guards making sure no one passed too far to the west, though there appeared to be nothing to guard. Thanking Kendall and making sure that Kendall knew not to say anything Thorn hastily made for the tree line and then stalked off to the west in search of these guards. As he approached the upgrade in elevation, he made to change his fur so that he would not be recognized in his natural color elsewhere. As his fur changed to blue and green patterns, a voice emerged from behind him, “That’s a nice trick.” Freezing in place, Thorn slowly turned around to see two orcs in full plate and armed for a war standing over him. After a brief exchange wherein Thorn tried to persuade the orcs into letting him continue on to see what was beyond and then trying to persuade the orcs into passing on his offer to their boss, he was turned back towards the city. On his way back, Thorn decided he may as well attend to the second clearing where they had located Kendall the day before to try and find some Green Amaranth and perchance acquire one of the ingredients for the shampoo. Disregarding safety, Thorn boldly strode into the forest, making it to the clearing without incident and quickly locating the needed plant, albeit, half-eaten as the doctor had warned that it was a favorite of herbivores. Thorn then went back to the purple banana tree he had seen last time and spent a few minutes trying to climb it for a banana. After several botched attempts and the taunting smell of amusement from unseen creatures, Thorn finally made it to the top and retrieved a banana. Upon returning safely to the ground, he grabbed a leaf and wrapped it around the banana after which he sat down, proffering it to the unseen creatures he knew were there. Several minutes went by until he heard a bird cry unlike any other he had ever heard, turning to hear where it came from in hopes of seeing it. Intent on watching for this bird, he didn’t notice the banana disappearing out of his hand till the creature was trying to get what was in his hand. He dropped the rest of the banana on the ground, keeping the peel and what was left of the leaf before hearing the interesting bird again and looking to see if it was nearer. Looking back he saw the banana had disappeared from the ground and Thorn decided he may as well head back to town. As he made his way out of the clearing, he noticed a purple cloud floating towards him, tentacles grasping in his direction. Drawing his axes, Thorn leapt into combat with the creature. A long fight of being dragged into the center of the cloud and being crushed before bursting out and striking at it left Thorn on the brink of collapse by the time the creature fell in a pile of purplish black sludge. Reaching into the pouch Paeleus gave him, he collected a sample of the goop before resting against a tree. Leopoldi emerged from behind an adjacent tree and started to quietly yowl and nudge Thorn, indicating the path back to town. After his respite, Thorn made for the town arriving at the inn to find Airest up and around sitting at the common table drinking tea with Yosephine. They explained that they had sent the cat out looking for Thorn since he had been so late at coming back. He grunted and sat down to fully recover from his battle and without so much as a word on his injuries Yosephine asked about the purple goop on his boot. He shrugged the question off, choosing to reply “Creature,” instead of going into great detail. Airest and Yosephine made for the market street to get her treasures identified by a professional. Entering the street, they both noticed a Dwarven arms-dealer’s shop set across from where they stood. Approaching he gave them his full attention, knowing they had a good chance of possessing coin enough for his wares and likely would have a need for them at some point if not right then. Handing over each item, the Dwarf studied them and quickly informed the pair what the items were as he knew it but was unable to tell what the wand was good for and suggested the “new magic man in town” for the true identification of the wand. Yosephine gifted Airest with the splintmail she had found and they made for the ‘magic man’ after Airest sold her old armor to the nice Dwarf who had helped them. Upon reaching the ‘magic man’s’ storefront, they recognized the face of Paeleus behind the counter and exchanged pleasantries before asking about the wand. Once the wand’s worth and magics were made known to the pair they decided to make for a local tavern for information about the going’s on of the local gangs. The pair did their best to get information out of several tables of patrons but did little more than draw attention to themselves and admit that they had a major part in the gang fight that had erupted a scant few days earlier. In the end, the pair decided to rejoin Thorn empty handed. They set Leopoldi on his scent again to find the sneaky Gnoll. Through this time, Thorn had made his way to the site of the battle with the warlock and the meeting with the Tiefling there in front of Boyd’s house and sat on the edge of the dock staring into the ocean where he had mutilated the body of the warlock after that fight. Getting an idea with a grin, Thorn smashed his axe blades into the dock, splinters flying as he boldly strode through the alleyways, using his abilities to mimic chanting of the warlock they had defeated a few days before, taunting any local gang members to show themselves and confront him. The ruse worked and a pair of Bones and a trio of Teeth rounded corners to meet him. Both sides interrogated him as they eyed the other side while Thorn did his best to get as much information out of both sides, blatantly playing them against each other. When he discovered the groups were too low in rank to know the information he wanted, he quietly set the Teeth to hunt for information pertaining to the slavers and he suggested the Bones take out the two orcs he had met patrolling the bleak shoreline. In exchange, Thorn offered his services to whichever side met his requests. Both parties left in opposite directions and Thorn made his way back to Boyd’s feeling quite proud of himself. Halfway back to the edge of the docks he met up with the rest of the party and they decided it would be a good time to retire back to the inn for the evening meal.


The party and a dwarven fighter resting in the inn were all awoken mid-morning by the female dwarf innkeeper, Branka, who was searching for her husband Kendall. Upon noticing that he wasn’t in the rooms for the paying visitors, she left to go organize breakfast for her tenants of the last night mumbling in concern to herself. The party and the fighter reorganized their thoughts and proceeded downstairs to breakfast. At the community table, the party noticed the fighter feasting on a suckling pig, some in disgust and some with hungry eyes. As Branka came by with the rest of the morning meal, she was asked by Airest what was causing her worry with her husband. Branka replied that while Kendall had a slight habit of wandering off, he was always sure to be home before breakfast needed to be prepared for the guests. He was a little ‘off,’ in her words, but was a good man that made her laugh and had no reason to leave her without warning. After the party agreed to help, she let them know that he occasionally would stop by his ‘cousin’s’ house, the net-mender at the north side of town, and also informed the party that they could help themselves to any coin her husband was carrying, especially because he had been in the safe that morning without permission. She also informed the group that Kendall made a habit of wearing a very peculiar hat, a green tricorn with a blue peacock feather stuck in. As she gathered the dishes from the party and turned away, Leopoldi, the druid’s cat, leapt onto the table and scarfed down a few bites of the fighter’s bacon while he was preoccupied with the back end of the lady dwarf walking away with the dishes. Before a scuffle could erupt between a still-hungry dwarf and a cat half his size, the druid stepped in and calmed the fighter with promises of gold in return for his assistance in finding Kendall. He of course agreed and got his leftovers to-go. The group with the new fighter made for the north side of town and upon arriving at the net-mender’s, recognized it as the shop that Boyd had waited for Airest and Thorn in while the pair recovered his sister-in-law’s body. Upon entering, they all quickly noticed the proprietor of the establishment, deftly working a net over in his hands, making quick work of the holes in the trawling net he held. He introduced himself as Dillandee Merritouch and wondered what such a motley crew would want with him. The party asked about the whereabouts of Kendall and Dee let them know that he had the habit of walking the treeline for fruits, and then sometimes would walk through the market street as the vendors were setting up their stands for the morning crowds. The party asked whether Kendall started his search for fruit by heading east or west along the trees, to which Dee replied, “Whichever way the first bird flutters is.” The party was starting to realize just how ‘off’ Kendall is at this point and decide to make for the treeline in hope of finding his tracks leading to the market to perhaps avoid trekking into the woods. As the party reached the treeline, they noticed that there was only one set of tracks heading to the west with no matching set of tracks coming back across them. The crew followed the tracks for a distance before the tracks stopped and made to the north, straight into the forest. The group formed up a distance behind Thorn and followed the tracks in, weapons at the ready. Minutes later, the group happened upon the hat, sitting perfectly upright in the sand along the path that continued to the north. At this point, Thorn noticed obscured tracks crossing and dancing around Kendall’s tracks. Making doubly sure nothing was around, Thorn passed the hat back down the line to be stored safely and then followed the tracks again to a clearing where he could see Kendall’s body on the ground in the middle. Thorn glanced around and saw nothing, and called the druid’s cat up to his side to see if the cat noticed anything. The cat started to growl quietly as it glanced around looking for something at about the time that Thorn caught a whiff of animal fear on the wind. He glanced at the tracks again and noticed there were several sets of obscured tracks all over the clearing, in many different sizes. Making a gamble, he charged into the clearing banging his axes together and roaring as he made for the body. The smell of fear grew more intense as Kendall rolled over with a grumble, “Whats all that racket?!” Thorn stopped with mild surprise that Kendall was not a corpse and asked what was there. Kendall replied that he was playing with his friends and needed to take a nap because they tired him out. Thorn asked, “Friends?” to which Kendall replied, pointing at several empty spaces where the obscured tracks tended to stop or get even more muddled, calling out different animals and then finally to another empty spot on the north side of the clearing and saying a small child was there. The rest of the group slowly made their way forward as they heard Thorn talking to Kendall and were all pretty sure he was crazy. The fighter and druid could see nothing but dirt, Kendall, Thorn and the cat and were pretty sure he was just making things up. The cleric saw a bunch of goat-raptors standing around the clearing, with a large one standing in the clearing on the north side, all of them were staring at the group. The cleric was pretty sure Kendall was crazy because they weren’t any of the creatures that Kendall had said were there. Kendall reiterated that he was playing with his friends and walked up to the big one he had called a small child and set his hand on the top of its crest, “tussling the child’s hair” as he saw it. Thorn made another gamble on the creature’s intentions and stepped forward with a roar and picked Kendall up by the neck and bared his teeth at Kendall as he roared. A scant second had passed before Thorn found himself with the wind knocked out of him as he lay on the ground reeling from a blow to the gut. Airest had watched the big one standing next to Kendall ram Thorn with his head and then stand again beside Kendall. Thorn quite smartly remained on the ground and started to whimper. Airest let Thorn know that the big one had relaxed a little bit and Thorn sat up with his axes laying in his lap. Kendall, meanwhile was going on about what Thorn thought he was doing and that he had no right to assault him like that while he was in front of a child. Airest told Kendall that his wife had sent them because she was worried about him, and he asked if it had really been that long since he left. After hearing the responses, he called to all of his ‘friends’ and gave them all hugs and promised he would come back and play with them again. The group made for the city again, placing Kendall protectively in the middle of the party. They returned Kendall’s hat back to him at about this point as they made their way to the city. Airest stayed at the rear as the only one who could watch the goat-raptors to make sure they would not try anything funny. As they approached the edge of where Airest could see them, she noticed them all scatter, right before Airest was hit in the side with a stream of black acid from a distance. As she cried out, the party turned to see the assailant and saw a monstrosity, later identified mid-battle as a runehound, coming in for the kill. The party rushed in to battle, most attacks dealing minor damage that was repaired before their eyes. Thorn then got a very lucky strike, greatly wounding the aberration, and the fighter quickly dispatched it with yet another lucky blow, cleaving it into several pieces with one swing of his battle axe. As the party stopped to catch their breath and examine the creature that had just attacked them, Kendall piqued up, “Good job on that one guys, but what will you do about these three?” As the party turned around from their near-death experience, they were faced with 3 fleshrakers, kin to the velociraptor, just smaller and covered with spines on their backs that secreted a poison. The cleric let the party know that these dino’s were oppurtunists whose primary mode of attack is a pounce that would let the fleshraker’s attack with both arms and legs, a bite and their tail, and if that failed to kill their victims, they would retreat to let the poison finish them. The druid set her cat to guard Kendall as the rest of the team made quick work of the 2 fleshrakers nearest them. The cat made a valiant effort to keep Kendall safe, but a fleshraker pounced on Kendall, who managed to stay upright, before being bitten, clawed, raked and smacked. The blows were too much for Kendall who fell to the ground in a heap. The party made very quick work of the last fleshraker, not even giving it a chance to move before it fell under their barrage of attacks. When they reached Kendall, they found him severely injured, but stable, and the cleric used a quick heal spell so he would be able to walk under his own power back to the city with the group. The group made it back to the inn safely and were greeted with many thanks from Branka. Airest asked Kendall for the money he had been carrying to which he was surprised. “My friends got my purse off the belt as we played on our way to their home, they buried it ‘neath my hat, as it were so that I would not lose it while we played tag and so I wouldn’t forget it on my way back home. Clearly I forgot, since you all handed me my hat instead.” The party grumbled and the cleric decided that since there was no immediate reward, that the party would be able to lodge at this inn indefinitely and would be able to get their meals from the inn as well. Branka agreed of course, as she had originally planned to offer them that anyways. Airest cursed her luck as she realized she could have asked for more, though she couldn’t think of anything at that instant. The party made for their respective rooms to rest up after the long day of trekking through the forest, despite it still being only midday.

The Alchemist

Airest and Thorn awoke that morning and set out to explore more of the town, Airest making for Bowden’s, the Hunter, house while Thorn set his sights on exploring the city’s warehouses and custom’s quarters. During their explorations, a druid fresh in port was wandering down the market street and chanced upon an elderly man beset by three thugs demanding money that his daughter had owed. The druid wasted no time in aiding the old man and dispatching the miscreants. Several other thugs from the same gang, known as the Bones, that were passing down the street came to join the fray as well, the druid deftly dodging and blocking all hits and punches aimed at her and knocked them all down as well. After talking with Boyd and Bowden for a short while, Airest provided the type of gear she preferred Bowden to make from the corpse eater’s corpses and then she set out for the marketplace to restock on supplies. Upon arriving at the marketplace, Airest noticed a group of onlookers watching a fight. Forcing her way to the front she witnessed a druid and her familiar take down another thug. Examining the various thugs sprawled and bleeding on the ground and the crowds joyous cheering at their defeats, Airest nodded her approval which drew the druid to invite Airest to join her in the fight. Airest obliged and faced off against several more enemies as the Bones flocked to the scene. Meanwhile at the warehouses, Thorn was searching for illicit or hidden incoming and outgoing crates and other suspicious occurrences. Slowly working his way from the east side of the city to the west, he noticed several gang marks on many of the dock workers, picking out bones on upper arms, shark teeth around necks and tattoos resembling dragon scales in viewable places. A bone-bearing individual ran passed Thorn and hurriedly explained to another bone-person that a fight was brewing in the market street and to get everyone together for it. The two parted ways, the first heading to the east to find more bone-wearers as the second dropped his task and ran for the street. Thorn also noticed down an alley some teeth-toters and scaled skins talking quietly and then running through the back alleys to the market street. Thorn ignored this and enjoyed the quickly emptying area as he made it to the custom’s area where he stumbled upon a merchant vehemently arguing with the customs’ officer for a prime location to set up shop as opposed to his allotted lot. The merchant, failing his intimidate and bluffs, stomped off as the customs’ officer held his ground, and made for the market street. Thorn decided to follow the robed merchant discreetly. The cleric-druid pair were enjoying dispatching the thugs until a hail of crossbow bolts from an unseen attacker started to rain down on the two. Finally seeing the assailant after several attempts, the druid sent her cat forward to attack the crossbowman atop the roof as the druid slung rocks at him. About this time, the merchant made it to the street and saw the fray as Thorn attempted to approach him. As Thorn drew close, the merchant threw wide his robe and dashed for the opening in the crowd, knocking back a silver vial before jumping over the onlookers to land at the feet of the druid and cleric, drawing a crossbow from his side as he spun towards the rooftop attacker and loosing a bolt. Thorn thundered behind him but was stopped halfway through the crowd where he roared like a hungry lion and scattered the final onlookers who hadn’t had the sense to retreat while two parties were exchanging ranged fire. As the crowd disintegrated, four more bones rushed forward. The bolt fired from the merchant hit the crossbowman square in the side and erupted into a black splash of acid, making quick work of his internal organs as the cat finished him off. The druid and cleric teamed up on the left two bones as the merchant took the far right bone while Thorn decimated the last one without him taking more than a few steps forward. As the last bone fell for the group, they checked their surroundings and saw the entire street had lit up in a full out brawl. With no more current enemies present, the elderly man stood up from behind his crate and quickly motioned for the four to follow him to safety before more showed up. The old man led them to a house home to a familiar face, that of Boyd, the fisherman who had contracted Thorn and Airest to help find his brother’s dead wife’s corpse. They found out that the woman whose corpse they had recovered was the one who “owed” money to the Bones, and that the old man was her father. The old man, Crowley, explained the gang system in place in the city of Malteton, that the “bones” held the residential and market areas, the “teeth” held the fishing quarter, the “scales” had the customs area, and the three groups had separate interests in the warehouse district. Crowley also told them of a fourth gang called the “skins” that bore a pulsing tattoo of demonic skin hidden on their person and that the gang represented a sort of assassin’s guild and possibly the group backing the other three gangs. As he finished explaining this, the group focused on the merchant, asking questions of him. They discovered he was called Paelias the Alchemist and he was trying to get a booth to sell his shampoos. He had been rejected because the customs’ officer didn’t believe his shampoos could do everything Paelias claimed they could. Paelias has shampoos that all alter Charisma and another stat or skill based on needs. He had helped the group to establish that his shampoos were not a bunch of crock and had merit and that he had actually left a construct in the middle of the fight shouting that Paelias the Alchemist helped the innocent in the fight with his potions and shampoos as a sort of advertising agent. As the questions trickled to a stop, both Paelias and Thorn sensed something coming and spun around to the doorway where a hooded figure stopped and stared in. The horns were very prominent despite the hood and all could see the tail lashing back and forth. The druid voiced the question on everyone’s mind, “Who is he?” to which the figure laughed in a very feminine manner and vanished into a cloud of miasma. Thorn and Paelias rushed outside ready for battle only to find nothing. Paelias noticed something at the side of the house and realized it was a fresh corpse and called for the cleric knowing it wasn’t quite dead. They intimidated Boyd into letting them use a cot while the cleric worked on healing the charred body. As Airest healed him they noticed he had a tattoo that eerily resembled the demon skin Crowley had told them of. The near-dead man came too and they started to ask him questions. He told them to leave him alone and cursed that they had saved him from death. When further pressed for questions he told them he would say nothing, but in doing so he let slip that the tiefling had betrayed him. Thorn tied him up and dragged him outside, where once passed the door he wriggled free of his bondage and stood up with dark fire wreathing his hands. The group all drew their weapons and aimed to subdue the burnt man for more answers. As the group swung and fought, they didn’t notice that the once-corpse had edged to the very edge of the docks and was fighting them close to the waterside. The dark fire had moved all the way up his arms as he readied himself for another round with the adventurers as Thorn moved in for a final strike. As Thorn swung expecting him to dodge or block with anything, the man dropped his guard and took the hit in full, knocking him off the edge into the water, a whisper of “thanks” leaving his lips as his breath left him. Thorn dove in for the corpse to re-revive him but it was too heavy to bring it back to the surface or even within reach of the rope Airest threw that was floating at the top of the water. In a rage, Thorn mutilated the corpse underwater, separating it into several pieces before crawling back out onto the dock to dry off. As the group tried to make sense of what just happened and Thorn tried to regain control over himself, they all heard the sultry laugh of the tiefling they had just met briefly a few hours earlier. Turning to look, they noticed she was perched on top of Boyd’s roof watching with a bemused look on her face. “I knew he wouldn’t say anything,” she laughed as the group tried to get her to talk to them. She just laughed again and vanished into the same miasmic cloud she had left in last time. Paelias explained that his construct was about to expire and he needed to go continue the advertising and then parted ways with the trio. They then set out for the nearest inn to rest up for the next day.

The Beginning

The adventurer Airest Silverfire and her Gnoll bodyguard Thorn have arrived in the port capital of Malteton. After finding a local tavern and ordering up some ale and food they are approached by a man smelling of fish (Boyd). He asks them if they are adventurers based on the appearance of a half-elf nymph dining with a gnoll. After their response, he asks them to help his ill brother (Bowden) recover the remains of his recently deceased wife. Upon agreement, he takes the pair to the shack owned by his brother where they find him stretched out on a cot. He fell ill when his wife had died and had just started to recover when he learned that creatures had dug her up and dragged her corpse off, the stress causing a relapse into his illness. He and his brother offered small coin and their assistance in professions, fishing and hunting, if the pair could recover the corpse so it could return to rest. The gnoll asked for a large rotten fish of the fishing brother whom rushed off to find one in the fishing wharfs. The fisherman returned with a 4 foot shark that had been caught 2 days prior and was set to be used as bait in crab and lobster cages. The gnoll picked it up and the pair followed the fisherman to the north side of town where the graveyard sat. The gnoll dropped the fish into the plot that had been the resting spot of the fisherman’s sister-in-law. The pair then hid along the building line and waited for nightfall. At sunset, the pair could see a group of three carcass eaters patrolling the tree line as they waited for the sun to completely disappear. After a short wait, the creatures slowly made their way to the graveyard and started fighting over rights to the shark. When a winner was declared, they started dragging the fish back to the treeline and the pair started to quietly follow them. One of the carcass eaters in the back heard the half-elf and the gnoll used a ghost sound to make the half-elf sound like a dying rabbit so as to entice the carcass eater. As it charged toward the pair it spotted the gnoll and howled for the other vanguard eater to join a fight for an injured rabbit. As the gnoll and eaters closed, the half-elf sprang into action. Several rounds later, the pair found themselves slowly creeping along the dragline in the sand following where the fish was headed. The gnoll slowly crept ahead while the half-elf hung around the treeline. The gnoll heard plenty and eventually got the attention of the eater that had dragged the fish to the lair and the gnoll ambushed the eater as it ran passed the gnoll. The gnoll signaled the half-elf to join the battle and they both tore through this third eater. On its death, it signaled a fourth, the alpha, who charged through the brush and was promptly dispatched by the pair. As it died, it howled a horrible howl and all creatures within earshot ran in fear. The pair followed the tracks of the alpha back to its lair and found the fish and the wife’s corpse in a pile of bones. They carried the corpse and dragged the alpha and other eater out of the woods, depositing the eater by the other two and dragging the alpha with the corpse back into town. They were greeted by the fisherman who had been waiting just inside the building line and were given a handcart to go collect the other eaters to take to the hunter in hopes he would be able to find something useful to turn them into. They took the handcart through town to the hunter’s house and left it outside as they talked with the hunter and fisherman. Both offered their thanks and handed them the small coin and directed them to an inn where they could rest for the night.

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