Crystalcoat Peak

Crystalcoat Peak is the local’s name for the extinct volcano in the center of the island.

Its peak stretches for several miles skyward and due to its impressive height, half of the mountain is continuously covered in ice, giving it a crystalline appearance at dawn and dusk.

Geological evidence shows that the peak formed quickly and erupted only once, which, in part, explains is height and the lack of other peaks. Light exploration around the base of the mountain reveals several lava tubes connecting like an ant’s tunnel system and some lead out to the sea. It is postulated that the eruption forced lava straight upward, bending the earth till it reached the breaking point at the top of the cone while simultaneously forcing lava through cracks underground. These cracks turned into the lava tubes explorable today. As the sea was higher back then, when the lava burst through the crust, water back-flowed and extinguished the core of the volcano, killing it shortly after inception. This left nothing but the spire-like cone jutting out of the steaming sea for thousands of years.

As the sea level has dropped over the last few ages, the peak has appeared to rise even higher, slowly reaching the height at which it is now, and covering even more in the glistening frost.

It is said, that deep beneath the peak, long tunnels are still filled with not only sea water, but all manner of sea creatures, and that these tunnels still extend all the way to the ocean. None that have dared to confirm this have ever returned.

Crystalcoat Peak

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