Chronicles of Bronze


The next morning found the return of Yosephine and Leopoldi from their training session. Airest and Yosephine began to talk over the cat’s training and everything with Paelias’ clasp. They had begun to turn the conversation towards another traveler staying at the inn ( a female goliath) when Thorn slipped out the front door. Curious as to where the gnoll was always off to, the others agreed to try out Leopoldi’s recently honed skills. They sent the serval after the bodyguard to see where he was going. Thorn walked along the streets of Malteton looking them up and down. As he passed Paelias’ shop, he heard the sound of scraping and thumping coming from the upper stories of the building. The store front seemed to be closed. Intrigued he moved around to the back. Hushed, agitated voices could be heard from just outside the back door. As he came around the building he could see Paelias and a short human talking to each other. The human seemed to be apologetic and embarrassed while Paelias seemed incensed. Thorn seemed to be unconcerned when the others began to show up behind him to watch the exchange between the two. It was only then that the alchemist noticed the large party and relieved, he beckoned them over. He explained that this was in fact the sorcerer who had caused them all so much trouble. Paelias had gone to make peace with his nemesis that morning and accept the latter’s offer to share the storefront. However, this was all after the sorcerer had cursed the objects in Paelias’ room into trying to kill him. The sorcerer, Dimopulous, had explained to Paelias how the curse worked, so Paelias was able to produce a simple anti-magic oil that when applied to weapons could effectively ‘kill’ the animated objects. Airest asks them what price they were willing to pay for this service. Dimopulous replied that he can enchant their armor and items at a discount. It was at this point that everyone noticed a wandering ranger who had come in behind them off of the street. He introduced himself as Shaftus and also offered his services to the group for the same reward. After applying the oil to all of their weapons, they begin to make their way up the stairs, Thorn leading and all noticing how quiet the room had gotten. At the top landing, he spotted a large rug laying just across the threshold. The gnoll brought both axes down on top of it, but the rug was too fast. It pulled itself out from under the blow and wrapped itself around him. Hearing the sudden commotion, Glamdring rushed into the room just as all the other furniture began to move forward to attack, signaling complete bedlam to ensue. Glamdring tried to cut the gnoll free but was forced away when the bed began to move towards them, creaking and thumping. He slammed his axe into the rogue mattress as Thorn broke himself free of the rug, and cut it down. Leopoldi dashed past the two of them to bite at a trunk as Shaftus drove an arrow through it. Thorn saw a light out of the corner of his eye and he turned to slice a candle in half that was ready to set Airest on fire. Splinters flew as Glamdring smashed an end table in two and Leopoldi tripped up a bookcase, breaking it. Shaftus shot down another that was bearing down on Leopoldi. A writing desk and chair came from behind a screen on the other side of the room. As Glamdring charged the desk, Airest struck out with her spear at the chair. Stuffing and wood were flying everywhere as they continued the close quarters battle. As they began to clear the objects behind the screened off portion of the room, both Airest and Yosephine began to feel a strange aura coming from the mirror near the wash basin. Airest stood transfixed by the mirror, certain it would grant the party wishes if she only knew the right command word. The others were continuing to attack the dormant furniture when Yosephine, understanding the situation called out to the others to smash the mirror and following through, shattered it with her scimitar. The furniture suddenly became still in the minds of the party and in the silence the group took a moment to rest, all except for Thorn who continued to hack and slash at the inert objects in fury. Leaving the gnoll to it, they made their way down stairs to discuss their fee. Paelias paid them in healing potions and the sorcerer agreed to enchant their items once for free, as the sound of a window shattering, and a large chair smashing to pieces on the street outside reached their ears. Exhausted by the ordeal, the group began to go their different ways. Glamdring headed for the nearest tavern, Yosephine headed for the inn and the ranger Shaftus back into the streets. Airest, however, stayed behind and ensured that their weapons received the proper enchantments. In an effort to calm the gnoll down, both Airest and Thorn decided to go hunting as the evening passed. In following the scent of a deer though, the two accidentally stumbled into the area of the island under guard by the two orcs that Thorn had met previously. The two guards heard the pair and began to move in on Airest’s and Thorn’s hiding spot when the gnoll threw them off the trail by mimicking Kendell’s voice and distracting them. Continuing south, the pair find what looked to be a small town like Malteton, but with a barracks and more concentrated guard towers. There was also what appeared to be black corsairs docked there. Deciding that the mysterious town looked uninviting, they continued to track their quarry. They found it, on a wide sweeping plain as the ground began to rise higher into the mountains. It was head down in the tall grass as Thorn indicated to Airest that this kill was his. Pent up with energy and rage, Thorn burst from cover and began to charge at it. The deer’s head rose up from its meal of small animal at the sound, revealing a scaly hide and rows of sharp teeth which it flashed at the gnoll with a snarl. This failed to deter the gnoll who slammed into the creature as it counter-charged, staggering the deer-like beast. The creature flew into a rage, stabbing out with its antlers; it was futile attack. Thorn’s axes, flashing with enchanted fire and ice, cut into the beast again and again, sending the creature‘s blue blood flying across both of them. Satisfied and his hunting urges fulfilled, Thorn hefted up his trophy and began to head back towards town. After offering it to a slightly shocked Branka for the inn, she suggested taking it to Boyd to be cut into manageable portions. Airest remained behind while the gnoll took his prize to the hunter’s house. While at Boyd’s, the hunter began to tell the gnoll all about the creature he had hunted down. The lizard deer was called a Moniho, meaning ‘lizard teeth’, that the choicest meat is at the shoulder, and other interesting facts. Boyd also mentioned that he will be able to make some bracers and greaves for the gnoll given time. The gnoll thanked him and informed him to take the meat to The Halberd when it was ready. As he began to move through the alleyways away from Boyd’s house, he stopped and thought for a moment. He wiped some of the blue blood off of his armor and after another moment’s thought, painted a crude animal head with it on one of the walls. It glowed bright for a moment before becoming something that looked more permanent. Smiling, the gnoll made his way back to the inn.



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